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Welcome to Biaton Paving and Bricks

Biaton Paving Bricks was established in 2006. Two experienced and dedicated business men came together and formed a formidable management team. In them the company has an accumulative experience in the manufacture of cement products and specifically of paving and building bricks of more than 25 years. They shared the same vision: to regulate and manufacture high quality products and to maintain a system that will guarantee client satisfaction. This later formed the basis of the company’s vision statement. Their desire to manufacture high quality products leads them in 2007 to acquire the SABS mark of approval on their paving bricks. ISO 9001 : 2000 and the SANS 1058. Biaton specializes in the manufacturing of cement paving bricks and is in production with three paver’s products that are common in model for typical manufactures.

We do extensive testing

This machine tests the wearing of the face of the brick to determine whether the paving brick will endure high and heavy traffic loads over an extensive period of time.Concrete mixtures can be designed to provide a wide range of mechanical and durability properties to meet the design requirements of a structure or specific cement product. Compressive test results are primarily used to determine that the concrete mixture as delivered meets the requirements of specified strength in the job specification.

Compressive test on Biaton pacing bricks 3 x Different procedures

King Test Auto 2000
Compression Testing Machine
This machine applies pressure on the brick to determine the impact point where the brick breaks and crumbles
King Test Tensile Tester
Tensile splitting strength testLoad is smoothly and progressively applied on the brick by two bearers until it splits to determine maximum point load pressure.
Abrasion Resistance Test

cement paving bricks testing