Paving around the swimming pool looks classic, neat and beautify the area. With paving your pool area you can pick from a variety of bricklaying patterns and colours. The bricks also comes in different sizes and shapes like standard rectangles to triangles and haxagons. Biaton Paving Bricks manufactures such paving bricks and are SABS approved.

Paving the area around your pool can help elimate the sand, stone and other natural things to be carried into the pool while in use. Paving also does not get as slippery as concrete, tiles or wooden decks making it safer for children when they are running around the pool area. Paving also gives your garden and pool area a well round off look and can even bring up the value of your home. Just remember that paving bricks to keep heat in from the sun thus wear shoes when walking over paving in bright summer days.

Baiton paving bricks sells paving bricks in wide range of colours making a paving pattern idea to reality. Visit our available paving bricks at Biaton Paving online or come to our factory on Plaston Road in Rocky’s Drift, Mpumalanga. We can also advice your brick layer about the best possible options for paving your swimming pool in your area.

Paving around swimming pool | Baiton Paving bricks
If you are looking for a classic, clean look to your pool and garden area then use Biaton Paving bricks.

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