Cement paving and building materials has been used for millions of years. High quality manufactured products are very important and it has taken many centuries to improve the mechanical and durability properties that suit specific environmental and structural requirements to ensuring save and satisfied results.

Let’s take a brief look at the history of tradition construction development. The ancient Romans were the earliest large-scale users of concrete technology. It was used in the Romaine Empire post-republication period. The Coliseum found in Rome consists out of mostly concrete. The use of concrete became rare until mid-18th Century when the re-pioneering of the technology was approved after the Romaine Empire collapsed and the safety of people had to be taken into consideration. The most widely used man-made product in today’s civilization is concrete.


Biaton Pavings was established by two business men that a goal to create the best possible cement paving bricks. Within one year they acquired the SABS mark of approval on their paving bricks. This is also one of the reasons why they specialize in professional paving in Maputo and surrounded areas in- and outside of South Africa


Cement products can be characterized when it is used for construction purposes. The cement binding abilities when it is used in wet and more hydrated areas or weather conditions is chemically different to that off cement that reacts to airborne carbondioxide. This in return will have an effect on the durability and the quality of your structure.

Non-Hydraulic cement does not set in wet conditions but Hydraulic cement is mixed differently so that the powder and water will harden or activate and a chemical ‘attack’ takes place.

Making use of reinforced concrete give you the opportunity to choose which type of available components you want to use or which one will be the best suited. Reinforced concrete slabs and frames are some of the most commonly used items in construction development projects, as well as beams and column foundations. A wide range of many different types of structures and several composites of structures are available for all your construction properties. Always make sure to take into consideration your location.

Quality paving now available in Maputo, Mozambique

The quality of a building structure in implemented and designed based on the floor system. This floor system should be efficient as it can have a significant impact on things like costs, strength availability of capable and qualified employees. The scheduled time limit that is set to finish everything in time and have it in working order and the result of the ultimate strength of complete structure also takes effect.

Biaton Paving specialized manufactured bricks that are suitable for your required environmental location. The company is based in Nelspruit , Mpumalanga but does deliver and offer assistants with their SABS marked quality bricks in and surrounded Mpumalanga areas. Biaton is currently rated as Mpumalanga’s premier company in paving. Professional paving in Maputo is just one of the service they offer. Clients satisfaction is a lifetime quarantee and meeting the specific mixed concrete design you need is no challenge for them. Biaton truly give you that “all you need” service that you deserve.

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