Thanks to the many advantages of cement bricks it is a very good choice for construction across many applications and environments. In the home environment for instance it can be used for building homes, garden structures and paving in the driveway and/or walkway. Cement bricks are also the preferred choice when it comes to the construction of low cost housing

Bricks that are manufactured from sement are typically cheaper than clay bricks. It is cheaper to manufacture and build cement bricks. At the same time they are much stronger than ordinary bricks. The crushed stone that is used in the manufacturing process of cement bricks is often what gives these bricks their strength. Other advantages include their high durability and low maintenance. Concrete can continue to cure even after manufacturing which makes cement bricks even stronger.

Cement bricks from Biaton Paving Bricks are available in a number of shapes, textures and sizes. We design the concrete mixtures to provide our clients with a wide range of durability and mechanical properties in order to meet the design requirements of the product. Compressive tests results ensure that the mixture meets the requirements of the specified strength of every job specification.

Standard cement bricks are available in two types: solid and hollow. The use of one or the other depends on the purpose of the construction. The hollow cement bricks are lighter which makes them easier to handle. It may seem that solid cement bricks are stronger, but to add strength to them, hollow bricks can be filled with cement during construction. They also tend to be fairly large which makes them quicker to build with.

Biaton manufacturers cement bricks in a variety of decorative shapes to suit every purposes for which they are to be used for. Cement bricks can even be made to interlock, which means that concrete to glue them together isn’t needed. Cement bricks that are used for walls and exterior paving can be coloured and placed in interesting patterns. One can argue that cement bricks which are used in structural wall construction are unsightly, but it can easily be plastered and painted in a nice, attractive colour. It remains an all-round winner for home improvement projects, in the construction industries and masonry production.

Biaton Paving Bricks are situated in Rocky’s Drift Mpumalanga and have providing the Lowveld with high quality SABS approved cement bricks since 2006. We are specialists in the manufacturing of cement paving bricks and know also deliver our top quality products in Maputo.

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