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Biaton Paving Bricks specializes in the manufacturing of cement paving bricks and is in production with three paver’s products that are common in model for typical manufactures. Established in 2006 two experienced and dedicated business men came together and formed a formidable management team. Biaton Paving bricks have accumulative experience in manufacture of cement products and specifically of paving and building bricks of more than 25 years.

Our bricks are SABS approved and made on the premises in Rockys Drift, Mpumalanga. We distributed our bricks across Mpumalanga province and is open to the public. We produce bricks like the S12, DZZ paving bricks in 6 different colours, cement blocks, double cobble paving bricks and much more. You can view each of products sizes, thickness, weight and colour available online. Our bricks are from high quality and garuntee to do the job first time round.

Paving bricks suppliers in Mpumalanga | Biaton Paving bricks

Biaton Paving bricks are situated between Nelspruit and White River thus making central located to all. You can contact us on 013 758 5001 or visit our premises on Plaston Road, Rocky’s

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